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Perfect Eyebrow - Best Free tips on Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most important part for the beauty of eyes. Here you will learn about the daily routine care and management of eyebrows and also about the various problems, makeup issues related to eyebrows. Your eyebrows help enhance the beauty of your eyes and facial features. Perfect eyebrows are easy to achieve with the right tools and methods. Depending on your eyebrow shape, it can help you look more awake and even a little bit younger, too.

How to do eyebrow tattooing?

Color your Eyebrow

Eyebrow Shaping Tip

Regrowing your eyebrow again


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Eyebrow Shaping Tip, Eyebrow Shaping for Man

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Know your eyebrows and make them fit best

Most of the times, the changes needed for you to look better are the ones which takes lot of time to complete. Either you spend a lot on the changes or just can work with what you have. You'll have to be calm, and work with what you currently have.

You can remove hair or use pencil to make them look fuller, but you can't instantly grow them. As a thumbrule if you wish to know whether the eyebrows are done properly, just look at the face of the person. If the first thing you notice is eyebrows, there is something wrong with them. Eyebrows make your eyes look best and fame them nicely.

Generally speaking the ideal eyebrow shape can be visualized by following three lines. It begins at the outer edge of the nose, reaches the highest point at the line even with the outer edge of the iris of the eye and extends just beyond the outer corner of the eye.

The end of the eyebrow and side of the nose should form a straight line that intersects the outer corner of the eye. For women, the inside portion of the eyebrow should be thickest, and should taper to the outer edge.

Effects of eyebrow mismatch with persona

Similar to the shape of mustache affects the appearance of man's face, the shape of the eyebrows affects the appearance of the eyes. Just to say it, eyebrws are meant to enhance the beauty of the eye and it gives definition to the eye. If the eye is not visible, them there is something wrong with the eyebrows.

As first thing comes first, judge your face type first. To know your facial shape, pull your hair back and get an overall picture of your eyebrows and examine your facial structure carefully in a mirror. Select the prominent features and then compare your analysis with the five different face shapes:

  1. Square shape - Slope your eyebrows towards the middle of the ear.
  2. Round: Aim the end of the brow towards the tip of the ear.
  3. Heart: Aim the eyebrows in a straight line towards the center of the ear carrying a slight slope.
  4. Long: Shape the brow in a straight line towards the end of the ear.
  5. Oval: The brow should curve down towards the lower ear.

Eyebrow Makeup and Shaping tips

  1. Do not place your brow color, whether it is pencil or powder, more than one-quarter inch away from where the natural hair growth stops.
  2. Apply the color by filling in the shape of the brow between the hairs where needed.
  3. Fill in only at the front or underneath the brow, or through the brow itself.
  4. As much as possible, work only with the hair that is there. The idea is to shade rather than draw on eyebrows.
  5. Be very careful to not over shape them and over pluck.
  6. Pencil thin eyebrows take a while to grow back and are not considered very attractive.
  7. Your eyebrow should start exactly above your inner eye.

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Eyebrow Threading Eyebrow Peircings Color your Eyebrow Tips on thining the Eyebrow Eyebrow Rogaine
Eyebrow Lounge Anastasia for eyebrow Natural way to lift your eyebrow Bushy Eyebrow Eyebrow Stencil

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Eyebrow Shaping Tip
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