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Best Foundation for makeup - oily and dry skin foundation

Choose your foundation according to your skin type. Water based foundation are suitable for oily skin. Your foundation should be close your skin tone as possible. Sometimes, you may need two foundations, one for the day and one for the night, due to the difference in lighting. A skin that is in good condition may not need a foundation at all.

When you apply foundation, it is essential to achieve an even effect. First apply it on the forehead and on either side of the nose. Using a damp sponge, spread it evenly and smoothly outwards and upwards. Cover the eyelids too. Then apply foundation on the chin and smooth it along the jaw line, blending upwards towards the cheeks and also downwards to the neck. Blending is all important. there should be no lines of demarcation.

How to Find The Best Makeup Foundation

The need of finding the best makeup foundation is very high nowadays since the choices are very high and it is essential for having a great looking makeup. The foundation is the base of the makeup so if this is messed up, everything else will fall apiece. With all the choices currently available with mineral makeup foundation, liquid,cream, oil free, etc, which foundation suits you? Here is the sample guide on choosing the best makeup foundation for your face type:

Start by choosing the right color as per the tone of your face. There are lot of shades available and and how well it matches your skin tone is the key to success. If you are not able to find what fits you best, take help. Most of the departmental store has beauty associates which can help you find one for you. Apply the product to your jawline. The color should not stand out and it should blends nicely on your face.

Chosing the best fit foundation also depend on the thing you are trying to hide if any. Some people prefer medium to full coverage while others put as little as possible and go for minimum coverage.

Different options for best full coverage foundation

  1. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Powders (without Bismuth Oxychloride)
  2. Dermablend Acne Results Foundation
  3. Almay Oil Control Makeup
  4. Bourjois Happy Light Foundation:
  5. Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation
  6. Mary Kay Dual Coverage Powder Foundation
  7. Maybelline H2O Pure Foundation
  8. Neutrogena skin clearing foundation
  9. Estee Lauder Demi-Matte Foundation
  10. Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Healing Makeup
  11. Cover Girl Pure Makeup

How to Pick the Best Foundation & Concealer

Picking the best fit and right foundation for your makeup kit can be a big of a task. Go for some big store which has lot of options and varieties to offer and try out a different products in your shade range. The makeup you wear has lot to take from the condition of your skin. When choosing a foundation for oily and acne prone skin it is a good odea to go for product which absorb the oil from your skin and heal acne. Some of the tips for picking up good foundation for makeup are:

  1. Check the Skin tone - Does it fit yours?
  2. It should fit the sk in type and texture
  3. Can it c over up blemishes on the skin?
  4. What is the time till when it needs reapplication or touch up?
  5. It should not rub off easily with a greeting or something similar.
  6. It should be of high quality and the ingredients should not clog your skin pores

Best Foundation Makeup for Mature Skin

People with aging or mature skin needs high care for their maturing skin. Best foundation makeup for mature skin is a combination of different things like a alcohol based wipe, a SPF 15 moisturizer, buy a skin foundation primer, few makeup tools like the cotton balls, large brush and makeup sponge. Select the full coverage makeup foundation that suits your skin tone and skin type.

How you should apply foundation for best makeup

The best way to apply cosmetics foundations makeup - You should follow the following sequence in order to get the perfect look for your makeup

  1. Under-eye concealers (if needed)
  2. Foundation
  3. Blushers
  4. Powders
  5. Eye Makeup
  6. Lip Makeup

How to use/apply foundation?

  • For best result wear your makeup in the type of light in which you will be seen.
  • Lightly moisturize face and neck, using an anti-shine product on your T-zone if it is oily.
  • Apply small dots of foundation.
  • Blend gently, using strokes away from the centre of your face.

Apply foundation to your skin everytime you step out. This will prevent your skin from looking oily, and some foundations have an inbuilt sunscreen, which will protect your skin from the sun. In addition, foundation shields your skin from the harsh elements, pollution, dust, etc, and it also looks good. Make sure your foundation doesn't look too caked though. To do this, you should apply just a few drops, with a damp sponge. You could add compact powder to your face after applying foundation, but I would not recommend that you use compact powder on a daily basis. You could also carry tissues with you and keep wiping your face at every opportunity, but your face would not look as fresh.

Best foundation for oily skin

  1. For oily skin, use a light shade, matte type foundation on face throughout the day. If you are getting oily on the skin, use a tissue to remove the oil and then apply the foundation again.
  2. If you have nasty oily skin, apply the foundation regularly and specially all the times you go out.
  3. Some foundations coming in the market has mixed sunscreen properties as well which protects skin from sun exposure.
  4. Foundation also hides the skin from the harsh dust particles, pollution, etc.
  5. Ensure that the foundation appearance does not look too much seasoned.
  6. Use just 2-3 drops of foundation with the help of a damp sponge. Although using compact powder gives added sheen to the face, its daily use is not recommended.
  7. Oily skin is tough to handle, but the liquid foundation is the best for such skin types since it blends well and hides skin breakouts and blackheads. It alse puts a check to the oil production as well.
  8. Stick foundation is another type of foundation for oily skin. It sometimes looks like a mask and it is harder to use. It looks pale and heavy when the skin shines due to oil on the top layer.
  9. Powder foundation type is also another type of foundation suited for oily skin. But as the comparison goes, it is like shampoo and conditioner combination. Either buy both in the same brand or don't use it. The best recommended option is to to buy a good liquid foundation and a oil blotting powder. There are lot many options like mineral foundation, etc, but everyone has its own disadvantages as well like in case of mineral foundation, it does not give proper coverage of

Oil-free liquid foundations

There are practically no foundation which can say they are strictly "oil-free". There is atleast some little quantity of oil in most of the products available today in the market. When these products are applied, they get dried to give the proprietory matte finish look. They are like a regular liquid foundation, but they do not give any kind of shine. These products in foundations are better for women who need matte finish. They are generally made only for the oily skin since otherwise on dry skin, they can increase the dry and flaky appearance of already dry skin.

Regular and off the shelf brands do not have a good line up of effective foundation for oily skin. After researching for different brands, there are a few foundations which can be used:

  • For medium oily skin - Use Clinique’s Stay-True Makeup Oil-Free Formula. You can also use Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup. The Almay’s Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup can also be a good deal. They are available in lot of places now.
  • For very oily skins - MAC Studio Fix is the powder and foundation in one product. It helps in getting a matte finish by soaking all the excess oil from the face. It’s quite long in life and you need not again and again apply. Check out for Bobbi Brown Oil-free Even Finish Foundation as well.

Tips for choosing oily skin foundation

  1. Carry a nice bloating paper with you - it is identified as the quick fix for the bad time exposure of face oils.
  2. Select a foundation which is one shade lighter than your skin tone.
  3. Follow a definite pattern and style of applying foundation. It should not be applied to the face directly. First take a sample light base on skin and then slide smoothly on your skin. This avoids the display of cakey features in the foundation application.
  4. Use a sponge to apply foundation since it covers larger portions and covers up the imperfections.
  5. Start with less quantity and do not apply in large chunks. remember, the less you apply, more the results you see.

Homemade Remedies For Oily Skin

Best foundation for People with dry skin

If you have the dry skin, then you have to remember one thing, always go with a moisturizing or moisturizer based foundation. They typically have some words like hydrating or moisture-rich engrossed on them. If you select foundations with glycerin, they tend to glide on easily. Below are some of the recommended foundation products for Dry Skin:

- NARS Balanced Foundation
- Helena Rubinstein
- Shesiedo The Makeup
- Clinique Soft Finish Makeup
- MAC Selected Moisture Blend SPF 15

What about Liquid Foundations for dry skin

Using liquid foundation is best for people with dry skin. They often give medium coverage and have nice moisturizing capabilities as well for the dry skin.

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