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Man and Womens Fragrance - Looking for a fresh, new fragrance perfume?

Fragrances and perfumes emit beauty and allure.

Whether you're crazy about lily of the valley or happen to love lime, you'll discover a favorite fragrance - from floral to fruity - here. There are several fragrance families to choose from. Go to a fragrance counter and ask a rep to help you discover these different families. There are seven basic fragrance types that all fragrances fit into while some will fit into more than one. They include single florals, floral bouquets, spicy, woodsy-mossy, oriental, fruity, and modern blends.

When purchasing a fragrance for yourself, it is best to go to the mall and actually try on the fragrance. And don't make up your mind after a few seconds. Walk around the mall for 20 minutes and allow the scent to develop. If you still like the scent after the twenty minutes, you have a keeper.

Fragrance oils may be used in place of the essential oils for a cheaper version. Cover your work area with a plastic sheet. Essential oils and fragrance oils may damage surfaces.

Choosing Fragrance and Perfume - Before You Buy Fragrance

While choosing fragrances, we are sure that you will want to create your own scents to suit your unique personality. Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment!

Top quality perfume oils contain no alcohol, no water, no chemical additives, no coloring or any other (obnoxious) ingredients. You can save a lot of money by applying just a tiny drop for a pleasing scent all day long. Your long-lasting fragrance is enjoyable without repeated applications.

A good fragrance formula should consist of 75% dilutants such as vodka, and 25% fragrances. Glycerin is a good fixative which can be added to formulas to help it retain its scents.

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