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French Manicure: French Manicure Tips and design at home?

The word manicure is derived form the Latin words "manus" meaning hands and "cura" meaning care. The purpose of a manicure is to improve the appearance and feel of the hands. Men and women alike can enjoy the benefits of a manicure. Everyone wants soft, attractive hands and cleanly groomed nails.

Steps for the French Manicure

  1. Clean your nails --

    Firstly, take out as many cotton balls as needed one at a time, and safely douse each fingernail with nail polish remover, until your whole fingernail is your natural true color.

  2. File your nails --

    Next, you should have what is called an emery board. An emery board is usually a very inexpensive fingernail board used for filing down rough nail surfaces that is rough on the surface at least on one side. An emery board should not be used to scrape your natural nail surface at all. It will make your smooth fingernails rough.

  3. Soak your nails --

    Soak hands in a bowl of soapy water to soften any dry skin or rough cuticles. Soak hands for 5-10 minutes, depending on your preference and the condition of the hands. If you have dry skin, you should soak your hands in a thick hand cream or Vaseline instead of the water solution. Apply a thick coat of the cream or Vaseline over your hands, wrap your hands in gloves or saran wrap, and allow them to set for 10-15 minutes.

  4. Push back the cuticles

    Use a small piece of soft cotton flannel or cuticle tool to gently push back your cuticles on each finger and thumb. Trim your nails and remove any jagged edges.

  5. Buff your nails --

    Dry your hands completely. Sand and polish the top of each nail with a fine pumice-stone sand stick to remove any ridges. Do the same thing with a fine-grit block. Once the ridges are removed, smooth the top of the nail with a smoothing file and a buffing chamois. You'd be amazed at how shiny your nails will look following these steps, almost as if you were wearing a clear polish.

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