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How to get rid of Borderline Personality Disorder?

Introducing the disease

This type of disorder is considered to be a severe psychiatric disease that encompasses persons with difficulty in controlling their emotions, difficulties in interpersonal relationships and disrupted cognitive processes. Person’s instability caused by BPD is harming family and work life, and long-term planning, and overall self-identity is distorted. It is more prevalent among adult female population then male. Also, this disease is more common than any other psychiatric disease, like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. With right treatment people with BPD can get better and can lead happy, peaceful life.

Cold-hot behavior

Symptoms of this disease are manifested through sudden mood swings caused by difficulty of controlling emotions and impulses. Person’s relationship with their surroundings can be described as love-hate relationship. It simple means that in one moment such person can love and in another shifts to hating you usually because of some small misunderstanding. As a result that kind of person has short and intense episodes of depression and anxiety. Prevalent characteristic for every person affected with BPD is that they are afraid of being alone, and often are seeking for attention; sometimes they go to the extremes and harm themselves just to get noticed. Actually, everything they do in everyday life can be described as extreme, with excessive spending, risky driving, binge eating or risky sex.

Complex therapy

Causes of this condition are complex and are often considered to be a combination of hereditary predisposition, childhood abuse or neglect. Thus, the therapy predisposed for BDP is also complex and includes medications, psychotherapy and hospitalization. Concerning psychotherapy, two main psychotherapy treatments are being used. First one is dialectical behavior therapy, specially designed for this disease, and it teaches person to control their emotion. Second is transference-focused psychotherapy and it is designed to treat patient-doctor relationship. Medications that are being used are antidepressants, antipsychotic and anti-anxiety medications. Hospitalization is applied when person needs to be isolated from outside world so the therapy can take effect.

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