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How to get rid of Bowel Incontinence?

What it represents?

Bowel incontinence is a condition that represents partial or complete loss of control of person’s bowel movements. This causes an accidental leakage of stool from person’s rectum. There are many causes of this condition such as constipation, diarrhea and muscle or nerve damages. It is more common among women because of injury of nerve and muscle of the anus and rectum occurred during childbirth. For most of the persons affected this is very embarrassing condition and they are uneasy to talk about it. However embarrassing it feels, they should consult their doctor because there are right treatments for this disorder.

Who is affected and why?

Other than women, bowel incontinence is common for older people too, because of their deteriorating muscle weakness. People who suffer from Alzheimer disease can also have this condition and it may occur among children but it is considered to be minor. Other causes may include loss of storage in the rectum, surgery to treat hemorrhoids, rectal cancer and chronic laxative abuse. In some cases bowel incontinence is caused by physical disability that prevents person to go to the toilet; persons like invalids or coma patients.

Available treatments

When treating bowel incontinence, the cause of it is usually the determining factor of choosing the right treatment. Thus, the treatment may include use of medications, implementing dietary changes, doing special exercises or in some cases having to go to the surgery. For instance, if the cause of incontinence is lack anal sphincter control the treatment prescribed is doing exercises, or if the cause is nerve damage than the treatment is sacral nerve stimulation. Surgery is usually done for women who have incontinence because of childbirth. Although it can be risky and complicated it is effective in resolving the underlying problem.

Some tips

There are also some tips for people with this condition that they can implement themselves in order to reduce the number of accidents. These tips include changing dietary habits, like being careful what to eat, having smaller portions, eating more fiber, drinking a lot of water and having a better anal hygiene.  All this helps the person to have better control of their bowel movement. 

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