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How to get rid of Breast Cysts?

Knowing the breast cysts

Lumps that develop inside woman’s breast and are filled with fluid are considered as breast cysts. They are common for women of all age and sometimes are not so easily detectible, though it may vary in number and sizes. Particular group of women that are especially affected by them are those that are 40-60 years of age. Cysts are considered benign in one of 1,000 cases but some them may be malignant and lead to cancer. Location of the cyst can be anywhere in the breast. The ones that are near the breast surface can be detected by physical exam but for others mammogram or ultrasounds is used. 

Impaired balance

It is widely considered that breast cysts appear when milk glands inside the breast get bigger. This leads to blockage of the milk ducts so they become dilated and fluid filled. There are also some opinions that include estrogen dominance in woman’s body may also be the causes of the cysts. Those stands support the idea that impaired balance in estrogen-progesterone relationship leads to cysts development. And, even in some cases coffee is stated as an indirect cause of breast cysts because its ability to cause fluctuations in hormone levels.

Healing of breast cysts

If a cyst is to be considered simple no treatment is prescribed. They usually disappear by themselves. Is the size and location of the cyst is causing you pain and discomfort fine needle and syringe are used for treatment. The treatment includes withdrawal of the fluid from the cyst. Cyst usually disappears once the fluid is drained. If the fluid contains blood it is sent to laboratory for further analyses.  Some therapies include use of oral contraceptives to reduce recurrence of the breast cysts. Surgery is considered when cyst recurs on a regular basis, such as every month, or when drained fluid from the cyst contains blood. 

No reason to be worried

Regular controls are best ways of fighting against the breast cysts and usage of vitamins that is combined with healthy diet. Many women are frightened when they discover the cyst on their breasts because of fear of cancer, but there is no reason to be concerned thus the cyst does not increase the chances of having a breast cancer. 

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