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How to get rid of Caffeine Addiction?

Is it addictive?

When it comes to coffee this is the question that most people are wondering about. Mostly because coffee consumers consist about 80% of the world’s population and coffee occupies a great part of our lives. Main ingredient in coffee is caffeine and it is sole responsible for psychoactive effect that coffee has on us.  Although, people tend to be defensive when it comes to coffee, the simple fact is that caffeine is a drug that can be addictive just like nicotine or alcohol.

What effect caffeine has on us?

Other than coffee, caffeine is an ingredient in all sorts of beverages such as tea, cola, and soft drinks that are most common sources of it in our diet. Effect of caffeine is described as mind lifting, heart raising, energy boosting and for most people it is the thing that is needed to get through the day. Duration of the effect is for about three hours after which it is diminished and eventually excreted from our body.

Favorable news

Like any other drug addiction, caffeine addiction can be cured. The treatment starts by reducing daily amount of intake of caffeine. After several days you will feel that your need for caffeine is diminished and that it is no longer a necessary part of your life. One of the key matters in caffeine reduction is to be persistent and not to let your willingness be impaired. The results will be favorable for you and positive difference to your health will be shown. There will no longer be mood swings, headaches, energy drops and lack of mental alertness. Instead, you should try some alternative energy boosters like healthy diet and sport activities.  You should always be aware that caffeine is psychoactive drug that should be avoided.

Be informed

Society approves caffeine. This is probably the main reason why caffeine addiction is ignored.  Simple way to fight against that kind of attitude is to be informed. You should know all the facts when fighting against the addiction and is one of your main weapons.

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