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How to get rid of Cauliflower Ear?

Have you ever heard about Cauliflower Ear?

The term signifies ear deformation that is manifested through shriveled, cauliflower appearance of the ear. Thus, the name of this condition is cauliflower ear. This type of ear deformity is common among martial artists, boxers and wrestlers which often get injured to the head area. When ear is hit so hard to cause hemorrhage, inside or outside the skin lining, blood clot may develop, which than stops the blood flow to the ear cartilage. Absence of blood in cartilage leads to it slowly dying.

Injuries and Cauliflower Ear

Cauliflower ear usually occurs as a result of sport injuries among athletes. Outer ear is formed in such way that can be firm and flexible at the same time. It consists of cartilage and a skin layer that covers it and supplies it with oxygen and necessary nutrients carried by the blood flow. When the skin is torn and separated from the cartilage, like in the case of blunt force trauma to the ear, blood flow is interrupted and cartilage starts to dry. This then leads to that funny cauliflower look of the ear.

Surgery for Cauliflower Ear

If the injury to ear is treated right away cauliflower ear can be avoided, by draining the blood from the laceration. However, if injury is left untreated the ear will shrivel and the cartilage will die. This new form of the ear is then difficult to reconstruct later on. Though, it is not impossible to get at least a similar look as the one before the deformation occurred, the surgery itself is rather complex. Due to tender nature of the ear, any wrong move may lead to lose of hearing. Thus, the procedure is carefully planned.  Usage of antibiotics in this case is understood, because infection must be prevented.

Importance of protection

Boxers and wrestlers must consider wearing of protective headgear and helmets during the sport activities so they can prevent ear injury. Also, rapid and right treatment of an injury will diminish the chances of deformation appearance and may lead to full recovery. 

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