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How to get rid of Cluster Headaches?

Excruciating pain

Headaches which are described with excruciating pain that radiates in the eye area on one side of the head are called Cluster Headaches. These types of headaches are unique and are not as frequent as migraines, but are 100 times stronger. The headache attack usually lasts from 15 to 90 minutes and it is repeated a couple of times a day. These kinds of attacks may last for a period of time, about 2-3 months and after which they may disappear completely. Unfortunately, one of the characteristics of these headaches is that they may recur after certain period of time.

Cluster Headaches attacks

Cluster headaches are often called "alarm clock headaches" because they awake the person after they fall asleep at the same time during the night. Episodes of attacks are usually repeated at the same time each day with same intensity of pain. Cause of this eye pain is trigeminal nerve which is situated deep inside our brain. And a new research shows that this nerve is triggered by another part of the brain called the hypothalamus. There may also be some signs of oncoming headache, even though the pain is sudden, such as tearing of the eye, excessive sweating and nasal discharge.

Medications for Cluster Headaches

Because the duration of pain caused by cluster headaches is short and intense painkillers are useless in this type of situations. Thus, individuals that suffer from this type of conditions are treated with fast-acting treatment.  This treatment includes usage of oxygen masks, and drugs like triptans for patients with regular blood pressure and ergotamine drugs. If a duration of cluster period is longer than 2 weeks doctors may prescribe preventive medications such as lithium and verapamil which will decrease the severity of the headaches. And when standard therapy does not show positive results surgery is prescribed, usually for people with chronic cluster headaches.    

Sense of control

With proper therapy and treatment cluster headaches are controllable.  Although they may recur after a period of time, the duration of a cluster period may be reduced and in some cases completely removed.

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