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How to get rid of Earaches?

Ear inflammations

Earache, pain in the ear, is a condition caused by inflammation of the parts that make up the ear. There are three parts of an ear that may be infected. First part, middle ear, is the part that is located inside the ear and inflammation that affects it is called otitis media. Second part refers to ear drum and inflammation in this part of the ear is myringitis.  And third part is the outer ear canal which when is infected it is called otitis externa or swimmer’s ear. Each of these infections is common for both children and adults.

Causes of Earaches

Each of the above mentioned cases of earaches may be caused by bacteria or viruses. However, there are differences in causes due to location of a particular part of the ear. For example, otitis media can be caused by a cold or other respiratory problem that prevents normal fluid drainage of the middle ear. It may also occur with bottle feeding the child or in case of an allergy. In case of an injury of ear canal that is caused by cleaning of the canal with cotton-tipped swab or some other object otitis externa occurs. Injury creates the environment that is suitable for settlement and growth of bacteria. Similar cause may produce inflammation of ear drum.

Weapons for healing Earaches

When having an earache whatever the part is infected the common features are pain and swelling of the ear.  Thus, medications that are first prescribed are pain killers, which are then followed with oral antibiotics and antibiotic ear drop that may contain steroids that reduces the swelling. If complications arise in ear infection, and are manifested through loss of hearing, fever, recurrent pain and nausea, it is then advised to pay a visit to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. 

Will drugs help?

Upon successful completion of the therapy pain in your ear will disappear after a day or two and you will be relived to get your hearing back.  Unfortunately, in cases of chronic ear infection the relief is only temporary and the inflammation will reappear after certain period of time.

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