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How to get rid of Eye Infection?

Do you know what Eye Infection is?

Ailments of the eye that are caused by viral, bacterial or some microbiological agents are generally called eye infection. There are many types of eye infection which are determined by the very cause of the infection. Diseases caused by this type of infection are categorized in two ways. First category of the disease is defined by the part of the eye that is infected. Second category is described by the cause of the eye infection. The most common type of an eye infection is bacterial conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye.

 Eye Infection, Symptoms

Symptoms of an eye infection are various and are determined by the cause of the infection. Infection usually occurs when a certain part of an eye is attacked by some sort of bacteria. Origin of those bacteria may vary from measles, shingles, flu, and the common cold to sexually transmitted infections such as crab lice, herpes simplex, syphilis, and gonorrhea. All of which may produce rashes and spots that carry the bacteria organism. That can be then easily transmitted to the eye area. 

Ways to treat Eye Infection

The safest way to prevent eye infection is to keep proper body hygiene that means frequently washing your hands. Also, you should avoid infected people and their personal items thus the eye infection disease is very contagious.  It is also very important to practice a safe sex and limit the number of your sexual partner, so you can prevent the eye infection that is the result of sexually transmitted disease. Once the infection appears it is treated with warm, wet compresses which are applied to the eye several times a day and with antibiotics, for cases of serious infection, eye ointments or eye drops.

Keeping a good care of your eyes

Therapies of eye infection are successful in stopping the growth of the infection and in removing most of its consequences. However, to keep a proper care of this part of your body and avoid any further complications you should pay a visit to your doctor every once and a while.

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