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How to get rid of Fluorosis?

The main culprit

This is very difficult and crippling disease caused by intake of fluoride. There are many sources of fluoride that can enter the body and elevate fluoride level such as drinking water, toothpaste, mouth rinses and other dental products, drugs and fluoride dust from industries using fluoride. Process of intake fluoride usually has to last a long period of time for disease to take over the body. If it is consumed in larger amounts by children in younger age it can develop a condition called dental fluorosis, but if it is consumed regularly in smaller amounts for 10 years or longer it may develop another condition called skeletal fluorosis. This disease can occur for both men and women of all age.

Different forms of the disease

For person’s who have dental fluorosis signs of condition are shown on their teeth in form of small spots on the outer part of the teeth, other than that there no other signs or consequences such as pain or decay of teeth. Thus, dental flourosis is considered as a cosmetic problem, not as a dental disease. For skeletal fluorosis, however, the situation is quite the opposite. This condition attacks the bones in person’s body and once it takes affect it starts to produce pains in the bones and joints, muscle weakness, chronicle fatigue, gastrointestinal disorder and reduced appetite which eventually leads to crippling the infected person and osteoporosis. This is why it is considered to be extremely painful disease.

Is there a cure?

Right treatment for dental fluorosis is tooth whitening or other procedures that help remove the surface-stained areas, or in more severe cases dentist can perform the restoration of the infected tooth with bonding or crowns. Though, it is permanent dental fluorosis can easily be hidden. For skeletal fluorosis there is no better treatment than removing the source of fluoride that causes the disease. In this case it is very important to take preventive measures so the illness won’t appear. These measures include avoiding water with fluoride, not swallowing the toothpaste and having a healthier diet. Other than that there is no real treatment and researches are done to find the cure for this crippling disease.  

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