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How to get rid of German Measles?

Infection with a rush

Rubella or German measles is an infection that comes in a form of a rash, spread all over the body, and it is caused by rubella virus, hence the term rubella. It is considered harmless except in cases of pregnant women and in such situations it can cause very serious problems to the unborn baby. Symptoms of this infection are pretty mild and in certain cases it can go unnoticed and infection with no visible symptoms is then referred to as ‘sub-clinical infection’. Today, cases of German measles are very rare due to immunization programs that many countries carry out.

It is contagious

The infection is spread by a droplets of moister that contains the virus which are produced when infected person sneeze, coughs, and even talks. Symptoms of infection are shown as rash spread all over the body, swollen glands, fever and sore throat and they disappear about three days after they appeared. There are no major consequences of this infection. However, German measles represent a great danger to pregnant women especially the ones that are less than twenty weeks pregnant because the infection can harm baby’s organs that are developing in this period. In such cases are born with congenital rubella syndrome.

Vaccines are the solution

Once they have the infection most people become immune to it or if they receive vaccine against it. Vaccines are given to small children in early age so they can develop on time antibodies to fight the infection. Problem occurs if the person hasn’t received the vaccine in childhood or if it is not sure that they had the disease, which can happen in case of sub-clinical infection. As mentioned this is a very serious problem for girls who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant. To determine if the woman is immune to the infection simple blood test is done to discover if there are antibodies present in person’s blood. If the test is negative woman must receive the vaccine several months before she plans to get pregnant. It is the safest way to protect the unborn child.

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