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How to get rid of Glue Ear?

Glue Ear also known as Middle otitis is inflammation of the middle ear, or middle ear infection. It is a painless condition in which thick, sticky fluid collects behind the eardrum. The thick fluid prevents normal movement of the small bones in the middle ear that are necessary for hearing. Glue ear is common in children because of the nature of their eustachian tubes.

How to get rid of Glue Ear?

Certian facts about the Glue Ear condition

  • Glue ear often occurs in both ears and may be difficult to detect, since it is not painful and doesn't cause symptoms of an ear infection.
  • It most often affects children between the ages of 2 and 5 years, but it can happen in all ages, including adulthood.
  • At around 8 years of age, the eustachian tube becomes a more efficient to aerate to the middle ear cavity, and glue ear is much less common.

It is estimated that 90% of all children in England will have at least one episode of glue ear by the time that they are 10 years of age.

Treatment and getting rid of Glue Ear

Treatment is usually only recommended when symptoms last longer than three months, and the degree of hearing loss is thought to be significant enough to potentially interfere with a child’s language and speech development. In these circumstances, glue ear can usually be treated using minor surgery.

  • Making cuts in the eardrum to drain the fluid and insert tubes.
  • Antibiotics - This option should be avoided as much as possible in order to avoid overuse of antibiotics.
  • Doing nothing - Because many cases of glue ear will resolve themselves on their own, this can be the best course of action to take.

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