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How to get rid of Itchy Skin?

What it represents?

An irritating sensation that makes you want to scratch over and over again represents itchy skin. This uncomfortable feeling is actually a symptom of wide variety of mild to serious diseases, conditions, and disorders.  Duration of it depends on its cause and can be short-term and disappear rapidly or it can last for a long period of time. Appearance of itchy skin can occur by itself or it can be combined with numerous other symptoms, depending on the cause of it. There also can be appearance of complications that are caused from excessive scratching or by underlying cause of itchy skin.

Finding the cause

As mentioned there are numerous causes of this symptom such as skin disorders, internal diseases, drug reactions, dry skin, and allergies, and many others. Depending on its cause, itching can be localized or generalized, which generally means that most of your body is itching. Localized itching is usually caused by a skin problem and each affected area of the body may give a various clues of what is causing the itch.  Generalized itching is caused by a systematic disease for most people or it can be caused by medication use, various infections, kidney disease, liver disease, and many others. Some women during their pregnancy may also feel itchy sensation on their abdomen, thighs, breasts and arms.

Finding the right treatment

Although it makes you want to scratch it, itchy skin must be left alone so you can avoid any possible complication. Treatment includes medications, wet dressings that are actually creams applied to the affected area and then covered with damp cotton material, light therapy. When this condition represents the symptom of some disease or disorder treatment involves treating the underlying condition. Although effect of the prescribed therapy is good and it improves your skin condition the relief that comes with it is not immediate and it takes a little while for itchy feeling to go away. Some short-term solutions are used in such cases. But, for the long-run prescribed therapy is the right choice.

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