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How to get rid of Lockjaw?

Overview of the condition

Lockjaw or otherwise known as trismus is a condition that restricts mouth to open. It is a result of radiation of the head, or surgery on the neck and head. The muscles of mastication in the jaw are contracted which leads to limitation in speech, and communication, and can have dramatic effect on person’s life.  Person’s ability of chewing and swallowing is difficult, as well as maintaining oral hygiene, and there is increased risk of aspiration.

What causes the troubles?

Causes of limited jaw mobility may be a muscle damage, joint damage or combination of these factors. There internal and external factors that affects the jaw opening. External are acute infection, neoplasms,  myositis, and systemic diseases. Internal include ankylosis, arthritis, infections, and trauma. Problems with central nervous system such as tetanus and lesions that affect the trigeminal nerve can also cause limitations to the mouth opening. Damages to the muscles of mastication can lead to pain reflexes that may cause muscles to contract and reduce mobility of the jaw.

Possible solutions

It is difficult to treat this condition once it occurs and the best way of fighting it is to prevent it by taking certain measures. These measures should be applied even if there are no symptoms of the condition and they include maintaining good oral hygiene, and good posture, massaging jaw muscles, and exercising jaw muscles. If a diagnosis is still trismus and listed preventive measures were not helpful there numerous apparatus that are used in treatment of jaw movement limitation. Most popular is tongue depressors which forced and held between the teeth in attempt to open the mouth over time.  Efficiency of the device is mostly determined by its price, thus there is a wide range of it on the market. Appliance of this is devices is better done in presence of the doctor so before you try anything else you should pay a visit speech/swallowing specialists and physical therapists, and rehabilitation doctors.


There are more chances of restoring your jaw function in earlier start of the treatment for trismus.

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