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How to get rid of Low Blood Sugar?

Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia

Low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia, is a condition that appears when there is an imbalance in insulin and glucagon. These and other hormones are responsible for regulating the glucose level in our blood. It causes symptoms such as trembling, sweating, hunger, and irritability which than leads to difficulty in thinking, confusion, headache, and in extreme cases coma. Usually it affects infants and elderly, but it is common for people of all age.

Hormone troubles

Other than insulin and glucagon, hormones such as epinephrine, a stress hormone, cortisol and growth hormone may also affect body’s ability to maintain glucose level. Hypoglycemia often occurs when person skip meals, that is common for cancer patients, or alcoholics. People with diabetes mellitus may also be subjected to low blood sugar if they don’t take insulin as prescribed. Problems with liver, pancreas or kidneys can lead to low glucose level. There are also certain conditions that cause hypoglycemia such as genetic defects in the regulation of insulin release, stress, pancreas tumor and insulin-producing tumor.

Medication and exercises

Healthy diet and proper life style, like regular exercises, are good ways of preventing and fighting hypoglycemia. Remedies available in any situation are food or drinks with sugar in it, such as hard candy, cake icing, raisins or a cup of fruit juice or regular soda. They will take away the confusion caused by low blood sugar within minutes. Glucose can also be administered intravenously as dextrose-containing solutions. When hypoglycemia is caused by adrenalin insufficiency doctors prescribe drug called hydrocortisone, or if the cause of this condition is growth hormone deficiency patients are treated with proper hormone injections. In cases of pancreas tumor or insulin-producing tumor the best treatment is surgery.  

Results and conclusion

Condition such as hypoglycemia should not be considered lightly even if it appears mild or moderate. It can easily turn into severe hypoglycemia and sudden effect of it can cause people to pass out, have seizures and even fall into coma. Even if they are not predisposed for this type of condition people should always be aware of significance of eating regularly.  

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