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How to get rid of Pockmarks?

Types of pockmarks

Pockmarks are considered to be scars caused by many factors such as acne, rashes, or other skin condition like infections or hormonal disorders. The skin looks uneven in the area covered with pockmarks and although they may appear in any part of the body they are most common on the face. There are two different types of pockmarks.

  1. First type is called simple pock mark and it is a spot left on the skin. This type of pockmarks is caused by acne or pimples.
  2. Second type is ice pick pockmarks that represent a small crater on the skin left behind by inflamed lesions. They are the result of chicken pox or other infectious disease.

Problematic skin

Pockmarks are generally considered to be a curse to beauty because of its obvious nasty appearance, especially for women. Main causes of pockmarks are moderate or severe acne that leave scars on the skin. Factors that affect the skin in such a way so the acne appear are bacteria, inflammation, extra oil in the skin and poor hygiene of the skin. Generally, pockmarks can be removed unless left untreated in which case they become permanent.

Ways to treat it

Most common treatment for pockmarks is creams prescribed by dermatologists. They are applied to the skin couple times during the week, depending on the severity of the condition. However, there are many other ways to increase the effectiveness of person’s treatment. They include massaging the skin to improve the circulation in the affected area, using exfoliating and scrubbing creams, applying onion extract or cocoa butter to the skin which both have that smoothening effect to the skin. Administering healthy diet in person’s lifestyle and doing exercise are also a major part of reducing pockmarks. In cases of deep pockmarks the right treatments are laser treatments, punch excision, chemical peels, or sand-paper surgery. All of these procedures are done after consulting the dermatologist.  

Skin care

To prevent pockmarks person needs to take certain measures such as having a good hygiene habits that include gentle face wash, usage of sunscreen lotion and avoiding the sun.

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