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How to get rid of Swimmer’s Ear?

Meaning of Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa, is a condition that affects outer portion of the ear and ear canal. This condition is caused by infection in this area of the ear and it is pretty painful. The term Swimmer’s ear originates from the cause of this condition which is over exposure to water while swimming, most often during the summer.  Frequency of this condition is equal to both men and women of all ages but is more often with children and teenagers.

Take a good care of your ear canal

The main function of ear canal is protection of ear from infection. This protection includes skin covering the outer ear and ear canal with such a layer that prevents bacteria of entering the ear. When this skin is exposed to too much water or it is injured with cuts, it becomes an ambience predisposed for bacterial infection.

Use ear plugs

The ear must be kept dry; to prevent further bacteria development, and increase therapy efficiency, no matter what is the cause of the infection.  For this reason, ear plugs should be used while swimming or showering. You may also want to refrain yourself from scratching of the ear. Other than that, therapy includes regular antibiotics in form of ear drops or antibiotics with steroids to reduce swelling of the ear, also in ear drops form. In cases of increased drainage doctors may need to clean your ear to decrease the amount of bacteria inside of it and to keep ear canal open.  Also, oral antibiotics are prescribed to enhance the effect of the therapy. Generally, ears should be proper cared about to avoid any other infection.

Ears are important

Even after positive conclusion of the therapy people should continue to take a special care of their ears and not consider them lightly. Because of their fragile nature they are more prone to injuries and are not easily recovered from the same.

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