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How to get rid of Tension Headaches?

Do you have Tension Headaches?

When you feel a pressure like, dull pain in and around your head you are probably suffering from tension headache. These are the most common headaches among the adults. About 60-80% of people suffer from some kind of tension headache.  Some individuals may have tension headache once or twice in their lifetime but for others daily episodes of this annoying condition are more common. Especially for women, which are more likely to suffer from this type of headache. Although it can be discomforting, this type of condition does not interfere with persons daily activities.

Tension Headaches and brain problems

The most common cause of tension headaches is central nervous system dysfunction. As result of increased sensitivity of the nervous system, muscle contraction and reduced blood flow appears in the area surrounding the head. In cases of chronic tension headaches person may also suffer from depression and some sleep disorder.

Pain killers and alternative medicine for Tension Headaches

Usually, over-the-counter painkillers are recommended. This may give you a temporary relief from the pain. For long-term results you may want to seek doctor’s help. With proper diagnose this condition may be resolved.  Other than painkillers doctors prescribe muscle relaxant and some drugs that are considered as preventive therapy. These drugs are antidepressants and blood pressure medications. Although drugs may relive you out of your pain, they will not eliminate the stressors that are probably causing your headaches, so you need to deal with them separately. Changes in your life style are always helpful, like implementing a healthy diet or practicing yoga.  Also, if medications lose their effect you should try some alternative ways of treatment such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage.

Relief is posible

This type of condition is considered harmless and it usually can be treated with only drugs. In cases of drug overuse a person may develop a chronic type of tension headaches and in such case alternative treatment is used. In any case, this condition will not lead to any life-threatening medical condition.

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