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How to get rid of Tetanus?

Dangerous bacteria

Tetanus is the term that refers to a serious, acute condition also known as lockjaw. Although it is short lived it can be fatal if left untreated. A bacterium that causes this disease is Clostridium tetani and it can be found all over the world in soil, dust, and manure. Thus, tetanus cannot be completely destroyed. Clostridium tetani produces poison that works in such way that attacks nerves and muscles in the infected area. Once inside the body, a bacterium spreads rapidly and causes blockage of nerve signals from the spinal cord to the body muscles. A rigidness and muscle spasm occurs, especially in neck, face, and jaw, hence the term lockjaw.

How it gets inside the body?

As mentioned before, tetanus is caused by bacteria called clostridium tetani. Entry points of these bacteria are deep cuts, puncture wounds caused by rusty nails, splinters or insect bites, burns, or a minor gardening injury. The reason of choosing this kind of places is that bacteria prefer little or no oxygen in its surroundings and it can be easily developed there. Thus, injured places should be thoroughly cleaned. There are also cases of neonatal tetanus that occur in cases of poor sanitation methods in caring for the umbilical cord stump of the neonate  and it may happen within the first two weeks of babies life. Another ways for bacteria to enter the body are animal bites, piercings and tattoos, or circumcision.

Solution for the problem

For a long period of time people were very affected by tetanus infection and mortality rate was quite high.  That is because it is so widespread. However, in 20th century vaccines were developed for this condition and occurrence of it is quite diminished nowadays. Vaccine program consists of five doses. First three are injected early on in person’s life, so the antibodies can develop in time and create a defense system against the tetanus infection. Another two doses are protection boosters and are injected after a period of time to help maintain the level of protection.  Other than that, antibiotics and other drugs can also be helpful in tetanus treatment.

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