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How to get rid of THC Traces?

Where does it come from?

The plant called cannabis is the main source of THC. This chemical is the main culprit for causing that “high” feeling when consuming different forms of marijuana.  Smoking marijuana causes the effects of the THC to travel fast thought the blood stream into the lungs and eventually into the brain, which than produces the being “high” effect. THC is than absorbed into the fat tissue of the body making the people who are overweight more subjected to THC traces. Because it has such a “positive” and also negative effect on people, and it is easy to acquire, marijuana is banned in most of the countries. Traces of THC can be detected by urine tests.

How long it stays?

Amount of THC that it is left behind in body after smoking marihuana varies from type of marijuana being smoked or frequency of that habit. Usually it takes several days for traces of THC to leave the body but for frequent users that period is several weeks or months even. People with medical condition or with weight problem may also retain traces of THC longer than usual.

How to speed up its departure?

It is important to get rid of all traces of THC because once it enters the body it may cause sleepiness, increased hart rate, paranoia and hallucinations, psychological dependence etc. Also, consequences of positive urine test such as termination, possible arrest and heavy sanctions by person’s company or school are additional reasons to avoid marijuana. However, there are certain ways to reduce expulsion period for THC in your body, most of them include detoxification which in simple terms is to get rid of THC from your fat. This means consumption of detoxifying liquids like cranberry juice, apple cider solution, and water, or eating a bowl of oatmeal or fruits and vegetables. It is also suggested to do exercises and pay a few visits to the sauna because THC traces can also be reduced by sweating.

Not to worry

Techniques for eliminating THC from your body are especially helpful if you start detoxification process early on. Commercial products that are used in this process are available everywhere and you will probably be satisfied with the outcome of detoxification.

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