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How to get rid of Tic Douloureux?

Where they hit?

This is a condition that causes the severe, stabbing pain to one side of the face; it is also called trigeminal neuralgia. It occurs when trigeminal nerve is compressed, usually by a blood vessel, and irritated enough to spread pain impulses to the face. Usually affects lower part of the face that includes jaw, lip, nose, and cheek. The flurry of the tic douloureux attacks may last for couple of weeks or even months after which it can retrieve for a while only to return again. In the beginning the attacks are not so painful but after a while they become more on more severe.

How they arise?

Trigeminal neuralgia is most common for people in the middle or older age and women are more affected by it then men. Other than blood vessels, trigeminal nerve can be also compressed by tumor, bony abnormalities, trauma and infections. Also, people with multiple scleroses are more prone to have tic douloureux. Attacks are triggered by physical stimulation of a trigger points on the same side of the face as the pain such as talking, eating, brushing the teeth or cool wind on person’s face.  It is difficult to distinguish tic douloueux from other similar condition and it is usually diagnosed when everything else is ruled out.

Can it be treated?

Treatment for trigeminal neuralgia includes only few options and only to relieve the pain, not to completely remove the cause of it. First option is obviously medications that are at the beginning given in smaller doses and with weaker effect, thus the attacks are not so strong at first. However, as the time passes by the attacks get bigger and so the drugs are switched to stronger ones and with higher doses. The medications used can some side effects which is a major downside of their usage. Also, person can develop resistance towards prescribed medications and after a while they have to be switched with another one. Once there is no other drug to drink to relieve the pain the surgery is prescribed.

Can it be prevented?

Since there are little option to treat this disease it is vital to take some preventive measures, like avoiding mental and physical stress, avoiding to much stress on facial muscles, practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding wind or cold drafts.  

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