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Hair Loss in Dogs

Skin and coat problems are very common among domestic pets. Hair loss is one of the most common problems that bring dogs This is a common problem in all the Southern States.

There are many diseases and conditions which can cause a dog to lose hair. Mange is a parasitic infestation of the skin of animals. Mange is most commonly found in dogs and other canines.It can occur in other domestic and wild animals . Similar skin infestations in humans are not usually called mange but Demodicidosis which may have rosacea -like appearances There are an enormous number of reasons for hair loss. There are a variety of hormone related causes of hair loss in dogs. Too much cortisone.

Hypoestrogenism means that the dog's body is not producing enough estrogen, and can lead to hair loss. All-too-common tick rarely triggers pruritus or allergic reactions, but on occasion will leave an ulcerative lesion that is notoriously slow to heal.  This occurs most often in older spayed females.

Hypothyroidism is suspected when the dog is losing hair but does not seem to be itching. This is from a malfunctioning thyroid gland. Many other causes are not related to hormones. Some diseases cause hair loss from parasites. Dachshunds often get a parasite called Acanthus nigrans , which causes significant hair loss. Color mutant alopecia makes a dog look moth eaten, with hairless patches.

Demodetic mange is a localized type of hair loss that usually occurs in puppies. Ringworm is a fungal problem that can cause hair loss in your dog. Another parasitic infection causes seborrhea, which is a type of dry skin that leads to heavy dandruff and causes hair loss.

Toxins are routinely eliminated through the skin, and skin and coat problems can often indicate a number of underlying concerns including toxin overload, anxiety, thyroid problems and a compromised immune system.

Nervousness and stress is another cause of hair loss in dogs. Food Allergies also common cause of hair loss. Pets that are allergic to food or treat ingredients have cells in their skin that release histamine when the pet ingests certain proteins. All the preceding problems should be ruled out first. Then the pet should be placed on a 60 – 90 day trial diet restricted to a prescription brand in which the protein molecules have been made smaller (less than 10,000 Daltons). These smaller proteins are not recognized as “foreign” by the pet's immune system. Lamb, and exotic ingredient diets are only helpful for a while. The first sign of adrenal gland disease in ferrets iis loss of hair on the tip of the tail.

Minor cases of demodectic mange usually do not cause much itching but might cause pustules on the dog's skin, redness, scaling, hair loss, or any combination of these. It most commonly appears first on the face, around the eyes, or at the corners of the mouth, and on the forelimbs.

Hair loss in dogs often indicates a serious problem and the dog should be examined by a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, steroids and Vitamin E supplementation. elizabethan collar ; behavior modifying medication may be necessary.

Reduce exposure to allergen (what the dog is allergic to); steroids, fatty acid supplements , biotin , antihistamines, shampoos, immunotherapy. avoid excessive grooming or harsh shampoos. Ivermectin is used most frequently; collie-like herding breeds often do not tolerate this drug.

Other avermectin drugs that can be used include doramectin and milbemycin. PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic contains a combination of especially selected herbs, nutrients and biochemic tissue salts known for their tonic and healing effect on the skin and hair.

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