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Nutrition for hair loss

Nutritional deficiencies are one of the factors in hair loss that are under our controllable. Hair is specially made up of protein and therefore protein is very essential for healthy hair. You have to include protein in your diet. Gray hair is another problem found mainly because of low nutrition diet.

When your age is increasing you may be never notice that your hair not starts turning into white but in gray. There are many factors caused in hair loss namely they are as heredity, aging, hormones, a faulty immune system, vitamin deficiencies etc.

Diseases like poor blood circulation, sudden weight loss, thyroid disease, diabetes is may be because of poor nutrition food so obviously we can say that poor diet may also responsible for hair loss.

Hair loss causes related to diet and nutrition

Raw leafy greens are not taken in regular diets. Over cooking of vegetables & refining of whole grains destroys vitamins B in the diet. Consuming caffeine, nicotine and alcohol rob the body of vital nutrients.

Nutritious diet for hair loss

  1. Egg is a good source of protein and it may be part of a healthy diet. You have to take food which is enriching of cysteine because cysteine is a powerful detoxifier.
  2. Cysteine is mainly found in sulfur containing foods like fish, meat, onions, garlic, nuts, cabbage.
  3. Vitamins B is helpful to maintain the health of hair. You can take yeast, egg yolks, milk, saltwater fish, soybeans, and whole grain for vitamin b & Biotin.
  4. Vitamin A prevents clogging and drying of the sebaceous glands, which is an essential for hair follicle lubrication. You found plenty of Vitamin A in fish oil, fortified milk, eggs, liver, and orange vegetables. You may see Vitamin A in mostly Dark green leafy vegetables.
  5. Zinc is useful in produce the cells and maintain oil secreting glands in the scalp. Zinc mostly available seafood like oysters. Eggs, nuts, natural grains and milk also contain zinc, but quantity of zinc is much smaller.
  6. Oxygen and mineral silica is important to hair growth, it will certainly prevent hair breakage.

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