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Stress and Hair Loss

“Stress is a demand upon physical or mental energy”. – Define by oxford.

Stress a modern day problem can be blamed for all types of illness. Stress can be describe in many ways like Stress is recent phenomenon and unpleasant event related to change. If you are not well physically as well as emotionally, your hair becomes dull and lifeless.

Stress can be achieved when our problems go out of control. Ttraumatic event such as the death of a family member, an accident, abuse or any other severely traumatic event is a cause of stress.

Telogen effluvium is a type stress induced hair loss. In telogen effluvium a sudden or stressful event can cause the hair follicles to prematurely stop growing and enter into a resting phase. After 2-3 month the resting hairs suddenly start falling out, But you can achieve your hair again within six to eight months.

Intense stress is also trigger for hair loss called alopecia areata.
White blood cells attack the hair follicle, which stops hair growth.
The affected hair falls out within weeks. Small round patches spread to the whole scalp. Sometimes this patches are found to body hair as well. Your hair may grow back after proper treatment may be necessary.

Good & healthy diet which includes nutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is very useful to achieve a healthy, balanced body. Avoid fried foods. Iodine does help hair growth, but too much can cause acne. So better take proper diet for good health. If you eat healthy then only you are able to fight with stress.

Using some small techniques you may be avoid stress. Try to get ten hours sleep each night for a whole week. Exercise keeps your body fit and able to cope with stress. yoga and meditation is also useful as relaxation technique.

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