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Causes of Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden hair loss is generally a different condition of hair loss. Sudden hair loss is a concern of many people and there are many reasons for the condition.

Causes of sudden hair loss are something everybody will despise. One of the more serious hair loss causes is a condition called alopecia. There are several forms of this condition, but there is no cure for it. Sudden hair loss, which may lead to complete baldness, is sometimes caused by an autoimmune illness called alopecia areata. Forms of alopecia is Alopecia areata – in this form of the condition patients experience sudden hair loss in patches that leave bald spots in different parts of the scalp. Alopecia totalis – this results in total hair loss on all of the scalp. Alopecia universalis – this is total hairloss all over the body.

Hair diseases and hair loss are matters of concern for everybody around the world. Sudden hair loss is a common problem these days and no single factor can be attributed to it. Heredity hair loss is the most common cause of male and female pattern baldness.

Some people who experience sudden hair loss realize that the problem is caused by DHT. This is usually what causes rapid hair loss due to genetic causes. sudden hair loss could be a warning sign of the early onset of a disease such as diabetes or lupus or even an infection of the scalp.

Causes of hair loss differ, depending on several factors. Temporary hair loss is a problem that can be easily remedied once the cause of hair loss is pinpointed.  Often, once the problems that caused the hair loss are remedied, or the medications are discontinued, the hair is usually restored on its own. In women, temporary hair loss can occur after childbirth.

Hair loss causes for temporary hair loss range from illnesses and medications to diet and emotional situations. Discontinuing oral contraceptives can cause hair loss as well for the same hormonal reasons. 

Treatments for sudden hair loss can be difficult to determine. There are many different treatments available for those suffering from hair loss. There is only one permanent solution to hair loss. Sudden hair loss diagnosis has generally observed that a particular hair loss cause is sometimes a more common reason in a particular type of sudden hair loss diseases.

The most natural looking, effective, and permanent hair loss solution is stereoscopic follicular unit hair transplantation . This procedure transfers hair from the parts of the scalp with healthy hair follicles to grow hair where it has been lost.  The follicles are transplanted one follicular unit at a time to achieve the same hair growth pattern of healthy hair. There are several non-surgical methods of treating hair loss. 

Two medications, in particular, are available on the market today.  Propecia is the name of the oral medicine that many doctors prescribe to treat hair loss in men.  Also known as Finasteride, this oral medication is used to stop hair loss. The topical medication that treats hair loss is called Rogaine , also known as Minoxidil.  Rogaine works to promote new hair growth and stopping hair loss, similar to Propecia. 

A combination of the different hair restoration techniques sometimes works most effectively.  It is important to seek professional advice to come up with the best possible solution to your specific case.

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