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Bleaching Hair - Home Hair Bleaching

Bleaching is one way of making existing hair less conspicuous and is good for down, rather than for thick coarse hair. It is the most commonly used method for camouflaging facial hair.

A simple bleaching system consists of hydrogen peroxide containing ammonia to give a pH of 9 to 10.

Bleaching is also very useful in revitalizing the paleness of the skin due to heat, dryness and superfluous hair and prevents growth of unwanted facial hair. It colors the thin and fine hair and keeps the complexion fair by hiding these tiny hairs.

Waxing sometimes causes wrinkles and threading hardens the roots of hair, thus bleaching has been considered the safest process by leading cosmetologists.

The only problem with bleaching is irritation, which happens either when too much ammonia has been used or when the bleach is kept on for long periods. The reaction usually subsides after a few hours.

Tips for Bleaching Superfluous Hair

When the reaction is severe, seek your doctor's help. You may go for a skin test, if your skin is too delicate. Apply bleach on a delicate part and observe its reaction for sometime. If the skin feels itchy, avoid going for bleach. Do not bleach, in the following conditions:

1) During menstruation.

2) During pregnancy.

3) After childbirth, if the baby is breast-feeding.

4) If your skin is too sensitive and delicate.

5) If you are suffering from some skin disease.

6) If you have asthma, heart or kidney trouble.

7) If you feel a burning sensation when bleaching.

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