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Depilation - Permanent Laser Depilation

Depilation is the method commonly used for removing superfluous hair on the arms, legs and underarms. Specialized preparations have now been produced by certain cosmetic manufacturers for exclusive use on the face.

Depilatories are generally thioglycollate-based and sulphide-based. They weaken the hair protein-keratin-by reducing the hydrolysis in an alkaline pH. The hair breaks just below the skin surface.

The time required for depilation depends on the coarseness of hair, varying between 5 to 15 minutes. Use of soluble alkalis, like sodium hydroxide, reduces the depilation time.

Depilatory agents are available as creams, lotions and sprays (Aerosol spray are the latest methods of applying depilatories). Lotions are easier to apply over a larger surface. Irritation and dryness of the skin may occur, because the chemicals act on the keratin of the skin, dryness becoming evident after about 24 hours.

To counter the dryness, two-stage products are available in the market. The second stage emollient soothes the skin and enhances the smoothness of the skin. It is buffered at acidic pH to ensure the neutralization of any residual alkali. A similar effect can be achieved by swabbing the area with a home-made neutralizing solution.

Mix one part lemon juice or vinegar to seven parts of cold water and apply immediately after the depilatory cream has been removed, followed with an application of cold cream.

Remember not to use depilatories on broken skin, since it may develop an allergic reaction.

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