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Electrolysis Hair Removal - Cost of permanent Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis, as a means of permanently removing unwanted hair, was introduced by Dr. Charles Michael in lS57. In the year 1916, this treatment acquired prominence among the various methods of enhancing the beauty.
In this process, the roots of hair are weakened by subjecting them to electric currents and repeated treatment stops their growth.

Methods of electrolysis

There are two methods of electrolysis to burn the hair.

  • One is the "Galvanic multiple needle method" and
  • The other is the "short-wave method"

In India , the short-wave method is much in vogue. A single needle is used to remove hair by this method.
Remember; always go for this treatment to a qualified and experienced beautician only.
In order to make the area insensitive or dead, Zylokin is rubbed as an anesthesia and then the slanted needle is pricked to reach the root of the hair, the thickness of hair deciding the depth of the needle.
Then the roots of the hair are burnt by using electric currents.

Electrolysis should not be used to remove hair from eyelashes, the inner side of the nose and ear or from pimples.

Tips for electrolysis hair removal

Do not go for electrolysis in case:

1) You are suffering from diabetes.

2) You are being treated by a doctor for hormone deficiency.

3) You, have a pimply skin.

4) You suffer from skin problems.

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