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Hair Removal Device - Using Electrical Devices

Like the Galvanic needle which is used for electrolysis, there are several other electrical appliances used to treat the skin and scalp. The vibrator is an electrical appliance used in a massage to produce a mechanical succession of manipulations.

Hair Removal Device has a stimulating effect on the muscular tissues, increases blood supply to the parts to be treated, is soothing to the nerves, increases glandular activities and stimulates the functions of the skin. The vibrator is used over heavy muscular tissue such as the scalp, shoulder and upper back. Avoid the use of a vibrator on facial tissue. People suffering from fever or a weak heart should avoid the use of a vibrator:

A steamer is an electrical device used to produce a moist, uniform heat. It is used to cleanse and steam the face, clean out the pores of the skin and soften any horny scaliness on the surface of the skin.

A heating cap is another device, applied over the head, to produce a uniform source of heat. It is used to recondition dry, brittle and damaged hair and also serves to activate a sluggish scalp. Hair dryers deliver hot, medium and cold air for proper drying of the hair.

Precautions while using Hair Removal Device

You must observe the following precautions when using electrical devices:

1) Disconnect the appliances when not required for use.

2) Keep all wires, plugs and equipment in safe conditions.

3) Safeguard against cords getting wet and do not handle a device with wet hands. Do not clean the appliance when it is plugged in.

4) Sanitize all electrodes properly. Do not touch a metal while using an electrical appliance. Do not touch two metallic objects at the same time while connected to an electric current.

Question: I have coarse, dark hair on my legs and feel most embarrassed when wearing swimsuits or bikinis and short dresses. I am a young girl around twenty usually wearing skirts. Is it possible to get a permanent relief by electrolysis?

Answer: No. I will not suggest electrolysis for removing leg hair. This treatment is quite costly. The way you deal with leg hair depends on the coarseness. Bleaching, shaving, depilatory creams and waxing are some of the methods to get rid of superfluous hair on the legs.

Bleaching works well for fair, downy hair if the growth of hair is short and fine. In hot weather you will find that the hair growth becomes fairer in the sunshine, so the bleaching process will not be necessary very often.
Bleaching weakens the hair too.
I will not suggest shaving on the legs. The disadvantage is that the regrowth is stubbly and rough; regrowth of hair is too rapid.

There is the danger of cutting the skin, particularly over the shinbone. Depilatory creams give a smooth finish on the legs but must be used twice a week for lasting results.
Apply the cream all over the hairy area, wait for about five minutes, and then remove the cream with a spatula.
Next, wash or shower in lukewarm water and then rub in some moisturizing cream as the depilatory cream is very drying. The process is a bit costly. Depilatory creams in aerosol form are more convenient to use, but they are uneconomical.

Waxing is a good answer to the problem of dark, tough hair, as the results last for about five weeks.
However, it is fairly painful, so try it first at a beauty parlor. If the discomfort does not worry you, it's most easy to do and in an economical method.

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