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Permanent Hair Removal - How to Remove Excess Hair?

Hairy legs may upset a female but it need not cause worry. You may get rid of this problem by cosmetics or home-made preparations. What you can do about it depends on the time and money you want to spend. If it is necessary to remove the hair, depilation or epilation are the time-honored methods. Depilation removes the hair at skin level or sometimes just below the skin level. Epilation, on the other hand, removes the full length of hair.

Hair removal by plucking or threading

If there are one or two unwanted hairs on the face, then it can be pulled out by a tweezer. This method is known as plucking. If there is a lot of hair, then do not use a tweezer, because the roots of the hair get hardened and the repeated pulls may result in injury to the roots and subsequent growth of pimples and acne.

Before using a tweezer, apply cold cream on the area to soften the roots. In case the roots are hard, then soak a swab of cotton wool in hot water and keep it on the hair for some time. This will soften the roots. When thread is used to remove hair, the process is called threading. Threading does not make the roots of hair hard. It should be done after two or three weeks. Never use a razor to remove the hair. It hardens the roots of hair and also encourages rapid regrowth of hair.

Hair Removal using a Pumice Stone

Abrasives, in the form of pumice stones and special emery covered mitts and pads, are frequently used to remove superfluous hair.

This method is very cheap and its effects are very temporary. But it is good for the skins which tend to suffer reaction quickly. Use gentle circular movements and apply a moisturizing cream after the use of abrasives. If the skin is rubbed too vigorously, it will become tender and sore.

This method of hair removal is used for coarse hair of the legs and arms, and is not suitable for use on the face. After waxing, the regular use of pumice stone can delay the regrowth of hair.

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