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Hirsutism - Treatment and causes of Hirsutism?

It must be remembered that unwanted hair, especially on the legs, is actually present in as many as six out of ten women. The basic problem in hirsutism is the excessive action of the male sex hormones, the androgens. An increased amount of androgens may be produced for many reasons, for instance, tumors of the ovaries may be responsible for this. The blood levels of the androgens are then raised above normal. In most women with hirsutism, sometimes the androgen production is not increased, but since downy hair is very sensitive to the low levels of androgens, they get converted into thicker and longer hair.

Heredity and ethnic origin have a lot to do with the amount of hairiness of the skin. Some of the causes of hairy problems are:

  1. Mental tension.
  2. Effect of medicines.
  3. Overweight and infertility.
  4. Mild hirsutism may be a normal growing-up process, and a little abnormal hair may appear at puberty or at menopause.

In case the problem is rapid growth of hair and associated with infertility, do consult your doctor.

Most, if not all, adult males have visible hair growing on their faces and body. Women, on the other hand, have only very fine downy, inconspicuous hair on the face and body. If hair becomes darker, thicker and visible, then the woman is suffering from hirsutism, a problem that may cause intense misery.

Consult a skin specialist and remember that medicines should be taken strictly with the consultation of a doctor. Medication may prove very useful when used along with cosmetic treatment, reducing the growth of hair and finally with continued treatment, making the hair inconspicuous.

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