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Shaving is an unacceptable method of dealing with facial hair among women in our country.
At the same time, it is probably the most commonly used method of dealing with superfluous hair on the legs and underarms. It is a total fallacy that hair grows faster and becomes coarser after shaving.

Of course, the hair does reappear with great rapidity, but this is not because hair growth has been stimulated, but because shaving cuts the hair just at the surface, leaving the hair with blunt tips.

Another disadvantage with shaving is the risk of nicking the skin. This can be reduced by using a swivel-head razor. For best results, use a sharp blade razor slowly and carefully. Electric razors give best results, though the initial investment is expensive.

Wetting the hair makes shaving easier and soaping keeps the hair wet for a longer time. Remember; avoid using an anti-perspirant or a deodorant for at least 10 to 12 hours after shaving.

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