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Your Hand Care Catalog - Homemade recipes for Hand Care and various hand dermatitis products

Your hands are something which is always on show similar to your face and additional to that, they are exposed to different elements such as harsh detergents and soap. This exposure causes the skin on the backs of our hands to age quickly; pigmentation marks may appear. So the ideal hands will have a smooth skin and nicely manicured nails. This section of Beauty Cocmetic Guide will take you through the handy tips to make your hands looking good.

Tips for Healthy Hands

  • After washing your hands, pat dry and, while moist, use a moisturizer on the hands, cuticles and nails. Chemically enhanced moisturizers that contain urea of lactic acid are even more efficient in binding water to the skin.
  • Wear gloves when doing work that might damage the hands or nails, such as gardening or shovelling snow.
  • Nail polish protects the nail from stains, physical trauma, and acts as a barrier to chemicals. Use it but don`t overuse it or it may stain and dry nails, particularly if nail polish hardeners are used frequently. A base coat will allow your polish to last longer.
  • Every night, before bedtime, massage your hands with a cream for few minutes.
  • After your bath or any washing , always massage your hands with a lubricating cream. In fact, barrier creams should always be used when tackling particularly dirty and greasy jobs.
  • Get into the habit of giving yourself a weekly manicure, which will make your hands look good along with helping them to combat  annoying problems like chipping, splitting, peeling and cracking.
  • Do not use too much polish remover. Apply moisturizer after using nail polish remover in order minimize the irritating and drying cation of the acetone.
  • As they age, the nails thicken, grow more slowly, repair poorly and are susceptible to various skin diseases. Watch for changes and see your dermatologist early enough to treat problems.

You can give an instant refresh treatment to your hands at home by soaking your dry hands in warm olive oil. Fill a teacup with the warmed oil, dip in your fingers and let them soak for a few minutes. When you remove them rub the oil into your hands and allow as much of it as possible to be absorbed before rinsing away the excess. Alternatively, you can smother your hands with rich cold creams.

You must wear gloves while working in the garden and kitchen. In case you find them uncomfortable use the barrier cream. A few recipes of the same are given below.

Egg-paste Barrier Cream: Take the yellow of an egg, a spoonful of sunflower oil and four spoonful of china clay. Mix them all thoroughly to prepare a uniform paste. While doing comparatively heavy domestic chores apply this cream on your hands.

Marigold Barrier Cream: Take about a spoonful of the essence of the marigold flower; 20 ml. boiled water properly cooled; 2 big spoons of Badam Rogan and 2 small spoonfuls of the china clay. Make a uniform mixture of the entire material and reduce it into a paste form. Apply this cream before doing any heavy domestic work -like washing clothes and utensils.

A Mask of the Flour of the New Shoots of Barley and Honey

Flour of the new shoots of barley ---2 big Tspf.

Honey ---1 big Tspf.

Beaten Egg ---One

Cotton gloves ---A pair

Take the first three items and prepare a uniform paste out of them. Before you retire for the day, apply this paste and wear over them the cotton gloves. Wear the gloves at least for two hours and if possible for the whole night. Then wash them off in the morning and apply a cream or lotion on your hands before you start your day's work.

Almond & Milk Hand Cream:

Ground Almond (Seeds) ---2 big Spoonfuls

Yellow of An Egg ---One Egg

Badam Rogan ---1 Spoon (small)

Milk ---1 cup.

Add ground almonds to the milk and boil the milk till the almonds are almost dissolved in the milk. Add yellow of an egg to it and bring the milk to boil. Now cool and make it come to a paste form. Mix - Badam Rogan to this paste and apply this on your hands every day when you retire.

Homemade hand care paste

  • 2 Tablespoons oatmeal
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 1 Beaten Egg

Mix together until becomes a paste. Rub gentle over hand. Leave for 5 minutes and /or use as a hand cleanser.

Remember that the skin on your hand looses its shine and softness because of lack of Vitamin 'C' and 'B'. As you advance in age eat those items which provide a rich quantity of these vitamins.

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