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Hand Creams - Recipe for Homemade Hand Creams

Using Best Hand Creams

Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soapmaking process and while commercial manufacturers remove the glycerin for use in their more profitable lotions and creams, handcrafted soap retains glycerin in each and every bar.

Homemade hand creams

26 gm Beeswax
50 gm FGMO
2 gm Borax
22 ml Water
1 drop fragrance

Take a large saucepan part full of water with a wire grid in it's base and two tall glass jars to contain the ingredients. In one melt the oil and beeswax and in the other put the water and borax these are heated to around 70° C. The jars themselves are only ever filled to about 40% capacity. The exact temperature is not critical as long as both liquids are at the same temperature, the wax is fully melted and the borax fully dissolved. Add the water phase to the oil/wax mixture while stirring briskly using a domestic power whisk. A white cream forms, The first stirring benefits from being about 10 minutes, then stir intermittently until the mixture cools to 40° C or below and any fragrance oil can then be stirred in. Pour the cream into your pre-labeled jars (this avoids tilting the jar and wetting the interior of the top part of the jar and the inside surface of the lid.

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