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Arabic Henna

Arabic henna design is generally inspired from Arabic paintings and carvings. Arabic henna is typically bold and primarly consist of large floral design because of this it suits more on dark skin tone. Arabic henna design is mostly practice by Arab world women. Arabic henna is applied during wedding, eid or for any special function. It is semi-parmanent and lasts for 2- 6 weeks. Arabic henna design are also known as Khalidji, Marrakshi, Rabat, Kuwaiti or Fesi designs.

How to Select an Arabic Henna Design?

  1. Go through Arabic henna design books which contains various freestyle flowers and designs.
  2. Decide the area where you want henna design or tattoo. Depending on area selection of design may affect.
  3. Select simple or complex pattern that you want because design is remain for some weeks on your bady.
  4. Arabic henna generally contains dark ink.
  5. When selecting an Arabic henna design also consider your personality and skin type.
  6. Choose expeienced henna artist when you want it for special event.

Major Area for Drawing Arabic Henna

Arabic henna design or tattoo can be put on any part of you want. But major body area are hands and feet. It can be also wrap around wrist, fringers or ankle. Arabic henna design is generally drawn on only one side of hand or on any curved area of your body.

Arabic Henna Design

Arabic henna designs mainly contain various large patterns of flower, paisley design, vines, scrolls, doily designs, shading, intricate lines etc. Geometrical and normal floral patterns are most common in Arabic design. Arabic henna designs does not have any religious and cultural meaning. This designs doesnt symbolized anything it is just free form of beautiful art. Arabic henna designs consist if any pattern or series of pattern having elabrate type. Design does not contain picture of animals or people.

Tips for Arabic Henna

  1. Before application of heena wash area which want to be tattooed with soap and hot water.
  2. Put mixture of sugar and lemone juice on dried henna with the help of small cotton. It will darken or enhance color of design.
  3. For smooth run Arabic henna mixture must contain clove oil.
  4. Apply vegetable oil for long lasting of Arabic henna design.

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