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Henna Hair Dye

Henna hair dye is natural and safe substitute for chemical hair dye which causes most of time allergic reaction. Henna hair dye make your hair soft and shiny. It fade after some period of time. Henna hair dye can be used by both men and women. Henna hair dye does not contain peroxide or ammonia so it is safe for use. Henna hair dye is practiced from Pharaonic Egypt by men. It not not only color hairs but also conditioned it. Lawsonia inermis is plant which grows in North Africa and East. Dried leaves of this plant gives you natural henna.

How to Apply Henna Hair Dye?

  1. Dried leaves and stems of the henna plant crushed into powder which is green in color.
  2. Make paste of it by adding hot water to powder.
  3. Before whole application test it on few hairs if no adverse effect found then apply paste for entire hairs.
  4. After few hours wash hair with water. The amount of redness depends on for how long time dye stay on hair.
  5. Henna hair dye works slowly but if it done constantly then it gives best result. Alougth it is semi-parmanent result lasts for long time.

Henna Hair Dye on Various Types of Hair

  • Henna hair dye mostly suit on dark hair and gives red and reddish highlights.
  • Black or dark brown hair show red highlights during the sunlight.
  • Blond hair after application of henna dye becomes natural red.
  • White color hair changes to natural red or a deep red after henna dying.
  • Red color hair become more red.

Advantages of Henna Hair Dye

  • Color your hair
  • Act as natural conditioner
  • Decreases dandruff and hairfall
  • Removes ringworm and head lice
  • Makes hair strong, soft, silky and shiny

How to Remove Henna Dye from Hair?

Follow is few methods that may helpful for removal of henna dye but it should be applied within 24 hours of application.

  1. For light hair - Combine crystal light lemonade with half-cup of conditioner. Apply it on hair for 45 minutes and cover with plastic cap then wash it out.
  2. For dark hair - Apply same amount of baking soda and molasses on hair and then cover it with plastic cap. When it become hard clean it with shampoo.
  3. For slow removal - Regular use of high detergent shampoo and heavy conditioner are helpful in removing dye from hair.

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