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History of Henna

Exact beginning of henna is difficult to trace out. In past henna was mainly found in India, Egypt, Middle East and North Africa. Henna is considered as a part of celebration, ceremony, healing and ritual. Cosmetic use of henna is started from ancient Egypt. Egyptians used henna for dying their fingernails. Use of henna is also found in southern China and Australia. Henna is also used for dying the manes and hooves of horses, for coloring of wool, silk and animal skins.
Use of henna was started as air-conditioner for desert people. They noticed that paste of the crushed leaves of the henna plant (Botanical name-Lawsonia Inermis) keep you cool and body temperature low. So they started putting it on hand or feet for cooling purpose. Later some women started designing it for nicer look and then afterwards design of henna become more and more beautiful and delicate. From thousands of year henna is applied on bride's hand and feet which is important part of wedding. From ancient time Islamic people started use of henna for coloring of hairs and beard.

History of Henna Tattoo

People who doesn't want permanent tattoo or afraid of needles prefer henna tattoo which lasts for six weeks. It is originated in Egypt as a part of body art. From East region it comes to western countries and become popular during 1998 in New York. Henna tattoos basically contain four different styles depending on region. Styles are Indian designs, Middle Eastern style, North American, and Asian henna style.

History of Henna Mehndi

Henna mehndi is part of tradition and cultural and in use over the past 5000 years. Proof is found which illustrate fingers and toes of the Pharaohs prior to mummification were stain in ancient Egypt for first time. During 12th century AD the Mughals introduced mehndi to India. Mehndi is mostly applied on hands of bride which is important part of Indian wedding. In Islamic people mehndi is practiced from beginning of the Islam. Coloring of beard and hair is popular in Moslems.

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