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Temporary Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo is an ancient Indian Body Art. Person who does want permanent tattoo can move towards henna tattoo. In henna tattoo complicated cultural or fashionable designs along with unusual patterns are drawn on any part of body. In 1998 henna tattoo become more famous in New York City. Henna tattoo usually lasts for 1-4 weeks. Henna tattoo mostly draw on hands, feet, arms, shoulder, chest etc.

History of Henna Tattoos

Depending on tradition and country pattern of henna tattoo differ. If you know the history of henna tattoo it will help you for selecting design. Origin of henna tattoo is from East. Popularity of henna tattoo was increased in 1998 in New York and after beautiful in creation of design in North America henna tattoo becomes hottest trend. Sudan and North African people draw larger geometric shapes or design while Indian tattoo design consists of fine lines and delicate designs.

How to Make Henna Tattoos?

  • For preparation of henna paste mix henna powder with 1 tsp. of sugar, lemon juice, vinegar or wine.
  • Let the paste sit for some time and after it add good quality of terp. Refrigerate paste for further use.
  • The area which you want to be tattooed is wash with soap and hot water.
  • First choose and then draw design with henna cone which you want on your body as tattoo.
  • Allow it to dry after completing design.
  • Apply mixture of lemon juice and sugar on design when henna is dried.
  • For sticking of henna heat the design by using hair dryer.
  • Remove dried henna with the help of olive oil or you can graze off the henna with fingernails.

Henna Tattoos Designs

Designs that are drown on hand and a foot mainly includes flowers, peacock, long slender vines, heart or moon. Henna tattoos basically contain four different styles depending on region or culture. Henna tattoos styles are Indian designs, Middle Eastern style, North American and Asian henna style.

Henna Tattoos Care

  • Avoid washing tattooed area as much as possible. Don’t use soap which exfoliates your skin.
  • Apply vegetable oil two times in a day and dry it well. Application of vegetable oil before tattooing is also help for long lasting of design.
  • Gently rub but never scrub tattoo with towel.
  • Do not wet tattoo for at least 2 days and if it happen use Vaseline or oil for protecting it.
  • Avoid contact of bleach, chlorine, salt water, dish soap or any other harmful chemicals.

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