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What are the Uses of Henna?

Henna is act as cooling agent and also having properties such as antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial and antifungal. Because of these things single henna has multiple benefits. Henna is used in cosmetic as well as medically. From ancient time it is mostly used for beautification purpose. Henna is used for hair and nail coloration, mehndi purpose, for tattooing different part of body.

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Prominent Uses of Henna

  1. For dying and conditioning hairs - Henna is widely used for dying hair. It also conditioned your hair without any side-effect. It will also improve your hair growth and reduces hair loss.
  2. Mehndi - In India and other Asian subcontinents mehndi is widely applied on hands and feet. During wedding function mehndi is put on bride's hand which is considered as one of the important part of wedding ceremony. It is also applied during eid, pregnancy function or for any special event.
  3. Coloring - Henna is mostly used for coloring of palms, nails, feet, hair and beard. Hooves and manes of horses are also colored with henna which is practiced from ancient time.

Medicinal Uses of Henna

  • Henna is applied to burns, wounds or scratch because it acts as astringent agent.
  • Used in ulcer treatment of the mouth, stomach, congruity with nerves when used in poultices and used to gargle sore throat.
  • To prevent small pox progression to eyes, henna is commonly used.
  • Henna Balm is helpful in the treatment of the cracking of nails. Henna paste enhances your nail beauty.
  • Henna is also beneficial for hot swellings.
  • Headache
  • Foot Athletes and ringworm are cured with the help of henna.

Other Uses of Henna

  1. Fuel and wood products - The wood of henna plant is used as fuel. Many types of furniture and wooden products are also made by henna plant.
  2. Leather Production - Henna is largely used in the production of leather goods. It is used to dye the leather and for coloring of fabric.
  3. Perfumes - It is used as perfume and placed in wooden garments for sweat fragrance.
  4. Cosmetic - Henna is used as cosmetic to color your nail.
  5. Tattooing - In western countries use of henna is for tattooing body parts. Any part of body can be tattooed with the help of henna.

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