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How to Remove Henna

Henna is semi-permanent coloring product which is not vanishing immediately from any area. There is no single technique that can remove henna immediately. It is naturally remove after some time. To reduce effect of henna or to increase speed of removal process many things can be done which are helpful.

Removal of Henna from Hair

By using following techniques we can minimize color of henna or removal process of henna become fast.

  • Lemon juice and conditioner
  • Baking soda and molasses
  • Warm mineral oil
  • Mixture of amla and oil
  • Fruit-based color stripper and color toning afterwards
  • Goldenhair’s method
  • Yogurt
  • Alkaline shampoos
  • Colorfix

How to Remove Henna Stain?

  1. Generally henna is not removable but you can fast process of henna removal by following process.
  2. Remove the henna paste as soon as possible from applied portion.
  3. Take cotton and soak it with hydrogen peroxide. Rub it lightly over the henna stain. This process will make your henna color faint.
  4. Take hot water shower for long period of time.
  5. If you spend some time in the sun it will make your henna stain faint.
  6. Swim in chlorinated water as much as possible.
  7. Rubbing of hair conditioner into the henna stain is also helpful for fast removal of henna stain.
  8. Regular exfolitation removes your top layer hence minimizes effect of henna. Mixture of salt and olive oil work as natural exfoliant.

How to Remove Henna from Cloth and Leather?

  • To remove henna from leather seats, silk, walls, floors or furniture following things are helpful.
  • For small amount use warm water and soap without spreading.
  • Vaccum cleaner also gives similar effect like above step for cleaning of henna.
  • For better result repeat the same process for several times.
  • You can also use warm milk for cleaning purpose. Put warm milk on stain of henna for half an hour and then wash it softly by using soap.

Removal of Henna or Mehendi design

  1. If you don't like design take away henna paste as quickly as possible.
  2. Take hot bath or soak hand or feet in chlorinated water.
  3. Clean your hands with powerful or antibacterial soap.

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