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Wrinkle Remedy - Home remedy for wrinkles

To delay the formation of wrinkles you should stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you must be in the sun, always use a sun screen. Avoid smoking since it has been linked to premature wrinkles since it lessens circulation to surface capillaries. Stress is another factor linked to wrinkles since it causes a person to habitually contract facial muscles. Try to keep your hands away from your face since rubbing your eyes or sitting with your chin on your hand tends to push the face out of its natural position and stretches delicate skin. Be aware that constant weight gain or loss can cause the skin to sag.

Follow a good, clean skin-care regimen. Moisturizers lubricate the skin and reduce the stress of the skin when facial expressions are made. Moisturizers also have to ability to puff up the skin somewhat, making the skin look less lined. Sleeping face up really helps, so that the skin doesn't get so distorted. Use a blend of any of the following essential oils diluted on almond oil: lavender, neroli, rose, frankincense, patchouli, rosemary, sandalwood, cypress, fennel or myrrh. Accept and love yourself and the fact that God has allowed you to continue life on the planet. Face natural remedy to soften wrinkle

Home remedy for wrinkles and lines

Apply a paste of turmeric powder with sugarcane juice to prevent skin aging and remove wrinkles.

Apply the leftover eggwhites in the bottom of the shell to the lines under your eyes.

Glycolic acid is the most active and beneficial of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs) in skin care. Once inside the cells, the acid triggers new formations of collagen to plump cells and the ground substances in the skin to reduce wrinkles on the skin's surface.

Rub the core of pineapple on the face for a few minutes and leave for ten tot fifteen minutes. This is a great remedy for fine wrinkles.

Green tea's anti-inflammatory and anti-growth qualities are found in many skin care products designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines and large pores.

Prick 3 capsules of vitamin E and drain into small bowl. Add 2 tsps plain yogurt, 1/2 tsp honey and 1/2 tsp. lemon juice. Apply to face with cotton ball. Leave on skin for about 10 minutes. Rinse.

Clean the face and remove make-up to open the pores of the skin. Start massaging your skin starting at the neck and ending at the forehead. Apply a good antiwrinkle cream with a firm pressure. Do not apply pressure around the eyes. Continue the massage for about fifteen minutes and wipe off the face with a wet cotton.

Apply odorless castor oil to the crepe-like skin under the eyes or on the throat.

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