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Hot Tub Chemical

When most people ask about "chemical free systems", they are usually referring to traditional sanitization chemicals such as Bromine and Chlorine.

The USA's EPA certifies Chlorine and Bromine as two safe chemicals for water control in pools and spas. Specifically they certify their ability to safely sanitize and oxidize a pool or spa. When used properly these chemicals are considered safe, otherwise they would not have EPA and other countries equivalent approval. Under the right concentration and provided the pH is in the 6.8-7.5 range, which is comfortable for our skin, both will kill any bacteria that impose a heath risk.

Always allow product to circulate in water for one minute with jets on prior to adding another product. Circulate water for 10 minutes after all products are added.

Ozonators - Ozone naturally occurs in nature to purify the air we breathe. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate with the purifier that assures you of sparkling clean water.

Mineral Spa Care: You can use mineral systems to assist, but not entirely replace, your sanitizers in keeping your hot tub clear of contamination.

Spa Secret is an amazing breakthrough in non-toxic water treatments for spas and hot tubs.

Sanitizers - Bromine contains some chlorine and has become one of the more popular chemical sanitizers in recent years.

Nature2 is one of the newer sanitizing methods. It seems to work very well and is based on the same principle as an ionizer, without the electricity.

Spa Frog knows that your number one priority is relaxation. Its unique blend of minerals work together to make your water softer, safer and sparkling clear.

Biguanide: Biguanide (bi-gwan-eyed) sanitizers are a non-chlorine, non-bromine product that kills bacteria by attacking the cell wall.

Shock Oxidizers: This is a very useful product that oxidizes the water and helps to get rid of organic matter like dead skin, skin oils, cosmetics and lotions. There are two types of shock, non-chlorine shock and chlorine shock. Both work as a good maintenance product to oxidize your spa.

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