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Hot Tubs Bad or Good

Hot tubs have been around in various forms for many centuries by civilizations all across the world. In Europe, a form of hot tub has been found in both ancient Greece and Rome. The water was heated by passing close to volcanic lava, heated rocks were dropped into the pool, and perhaps the most elaborate method of all was to warm the water by heating a room under a pool of water.

The purchase of hot tubs has expanded. As medical science has advanced, the benefits of hydrotherapy have become increasingly recognized. People with motor deterioration, muscular problems, or simply back pain can use the hot tub for hydrotherapy. Even those without medical problems have enjoyed relaxing and relieving stress in the hot tub.

General Opinion about hot tubs

It is common when forming an answer to the question are hot tubs bad for your health to explore the common signs that people are generally used to seeing in a public pool or a public hot tub. 

Those signs that clearly warn you of the dangers of the hot tub if you are pregnant or if you suffer from any type of heart condition.  There are very good reasons behind these warnings and in order to answer the question, are hot tubs bad for your health; you have to understand the reasoning behind the warnings.  No two cases can be similar.

Good things about Hot tubs

  1. Hot tubs today are used to alleviate stress and aid sleep. The jet-driven force of water enhances circulation, digestion and skin tone. Medical Studies indicate that hot tub therapy may be helpful in treating heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, lower back pain, and sleep disorders.
  2. Sitting in a hot tub raises the body's temperature for an extended period of time, producing cleansing and relaxing effects. The buoyancy of the water creates a sense of weightlessness, inviting restful sleep.
  3. Spa and hot tub water therapies are highly valued for their relaxing, rejuvenating, and naturally rehabilitative qualities, and hot tubs remain a favorite social setting.
  4. All over the world, people are tapping into the healing benefits of water in more ways than ever before.
  5. Spas help accelerate the natural healing process.
  6. Eases pain, fatigue and soreness due to exercising.
  7. Lowers blood pressure.
  8. Relaxes muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.
  9. Increases blood flow and circulation.
  10. Speeds the elimination of toxins, which are replaced by oxygen and the body’s natural nutrients.

Whats bad in Hot tubs?

  1. Pregnancy - Most doctors will probably agree that it isn’t advisable for pregnant women to take too hot a bath. Who knows what injury the unborn baby may sustain if the mother’s body has gotten too warm? Pathogens in the water pose an added danger. Forgoing the delights of a hot tub until after giving birth and healing is a wise option many pregnant women take.
  2. Heart Diseases - Be careful if you are taking anticoagulants. These blood-thinning drugs can make you vulnerable under extreme temperature. They may combine with the heat of the tub to cause fainting, dizziness or nausea.
  3. High Blood Pressure - The relaxation brought about by a hot tub bath will be quite beneficial if you are suffering from high blood pressure. But beware of unwanted reactions if you are taking hypertensive mediations. Again, check with your physician first before taking that dip.

Care while going for Hot Tubs session

  • Check and if you need to, regulate the sanitizer level.
  • Monitor the PH level of the water to ensure it is at a safe and appropriate level and if you need to, make any changes using dealer prescribed chemicals.
  • Check the water line with water cleaning paste and top up if required.

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