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Leisure Bay Hot Tubs

Leisure Bay Industries, the company started with five employees selling primarily above ground pools. They now has 33 Factory Direct Outlets throughout the southeastern United States and their Wholesale division supplies hundreds of pool and spa dealers throughout the country and around the globe.

Leisure Bay Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of portable spas. In addition to the company's extensive manufacturing capabilities, the company supplies products to hundreds of pool and spa retailers around the globe. Founded in 1974, the company manufactures and sells more than 30,000 spas annually. Considerable investments in manufacturing technology - including research and development - combined with some of the industry's top spa designers, have resulted in a comprehensive line of spas. This line of spas allows consumers to choose the spa that best fits their individual needs

Leisure Bay hot tubs advantage

  1. Many companies have jumped into this business and are successful. 
  2. Leisure Bay hot tubs is a company that has been in business over 30 years and has been a very high quality supplier of hot tubs and other leisurely like items such as gas grills, patio furniture as well as a number of different kinds of Leisure Bay hot tubs in many different varieties.  
  3. Leisure Bay hot tubs actually prides its longevity in this business and attributes it to the fact that they are very selective when choosing distributors to sell the hot tubs and various other products. 
  4. With the expertise gained from making hot tubs over the past 25 years, Leisure Bay provides a focus on therapy and relaxation.
  5. The 'CrossFire' jets found only in Leisure Bay spas provide a unique relaxing, yet rejuvenating, experience.
  6. The overall jetting packages are engineered and strategically placed to provide various types of therapy for the different muscle groups in the body.
  7. As well as offering a comprehensive range of spas, Leisure Bay spas represent one of the best values in the industry today.

Reviews for Leisure Bay hot tubs

I had a Leisure Bay in my last house for 3 years and never had a problem. Used it 5 out of 7 days a week and we love it. I use to sell Sundance Spas and it was just a over priced and a piece of junk I ever owned. In my new home I just built I am going back to Leisure Bay. I would never own a Sundance Spa. Go Leisure Bay your product is at the top in my book. OLd-Man Florida

We have had out leisure bay for 6 years. Only problem 1 leak and change the filters & O-Ring. Leisure bay has been a good investment and a pleasure to use. Sorry that Rec Warehouse does not sell spa's anymore, but we have been able to get answers from the leisure bay company by phone. Smith

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