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Pros and Cons of Wood Hot Tubs

Modernized hot tubs have the same extravagance of today's spas, with jets, pumps, filters, and gas or electric heaters. Wood fired hot tubs are usually made of cedar oak, redwood, or teak because of their ability to resist rotting. Not only are wood fired hot tubs geometrically captivating, the grains and the rich colors of wood are visually appealing with a natural beauty.

Certain types of wood, similar to wooden boat construction automatically lent themselves to the overall hot tub experience. The woods that spring to mind are Oak and Cedar. Both these woods expand when wet which forms a better waterproof seal for the tub.

Benefits of Wooden Hot tubs as compared to others

Although acrylic spas are by far more prevalent today than wooden hot tubs, it was the wooden hot tub that began the experience of social bathing in America. There are however many reasons for choosing a wooden tub over a plastic spa.

  • Because they are assembled on site, a wooden hot tub can be carried through any doorway, down any stairs or through any other narrow access.
  • With a spa, you have a large one-piece vessel which can be unwieldy or impossible to move into its final location.
  • The vertical walls and greater depth of the wooden tub surround the bather with more water than would be found in a spa, so there is a greater effect of buoyancy in the hot tub.
  • In addition, there is typically much more leg room since you can stretch out under the bench, and taller bathers are more comfortably accommodated.
  • The overall size of the hot tub, depth and diameter, can be customized to fit anything you can imagine.
  • The exact height of the bench, and the location that the jets are installed are exactly as you like.

Caution while using Wood Hot Tubs

  1. Any wood-burning appliance can be dangerous if misused.
  2. Hot water and hot metal can cause injury; this is not a toy for children.
  3. If you are going to allow your children to hot tub, heat the tub up for them and remove the heater before letting them get in.
  4. It is your responsibility to supervise! Drowning is a possibility even in a five-gallon bucket.

Pros and Cons of Hot tubs made of Wood

When trying to sort out the question what are the pros and cons of wood hot tubs it is quite obvious to remember that when hot tubs were first invented especially for private use, they were made with wood.  Wood is a material that is very porous and as such is able to trap many bad bacteria within the wood and this is probably the worst trait of the wood tubs especially when trying to sort out the question what are the pros and cons of wood hot tubs. 

  1. The cost of the wood that is required in order to construct a wood hot tub can be highly expensive. 
  2. The benefit to this however is that wood hot tubs can be assembled anywhere as opposed to the acrylic hot tubs that need to be carried whole into the new area for the appliance. 
  3. While you are searching for wood hot tubs, it is important that you select the best material in wood.
  4. You can get the worth of your money.
  5. It is necessary to use high quality wood.
  6. Many a times red cedar is preferred due to many good qualities it has.

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