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Soft Portable Hot Tubs

Soft Hot Tubs are the most convenient and hassle free hot tubs available. Incredibly easy to assemble and more energy efficient than traditional spas, soft hot tubs are no wonder that their popularity has grown immensely in the past few years. Soft hot tubs offer a wealth of advantages over their solid construction counterparts; they setup in minutes, and get up to temperature twice as fast while using half the electricity. Of course, portability is another main factor when considering the soft hot tub

Soft Portable Hot Tubs Benefits

  1. They easy to assemble.
  2. They are also more energy efficient than traditional hot tubs.
  3. Wooden hot tubs are great, but have ever tried to get one of those suckers up to temperature.
  4. The soft hot tub gets up to temperature twice as fast, and wastes little electricity doing so.
  5. Obviously portability is the major reason most folks buy a soft hot tub.
  6. All you have to do is drain the water, pack up the motor and throw the soft hot tub in the bed of your truck. Easy as one, two, three.
  7. Installation is just as easy as well.
  8. With soft hot tubs, you can get it in just about any room at any location.
  9. The soft wall construction also has the added bonus of being extremely comfortable.
  10. You’ll never be burned or get stuck to the walls of your hot tub. A truly gross feeling we would all do better to avoid.

Glossary of Soft Hot Tubs

Air Control or Venturi
Mounted on the lip of the spa or at the equipment shroud, to induce air to the jets.

The redwood or driftwood panels that surrounds the spa, also called a skirt.

Control Panel
Mounted on the lip of the spa. The digital panel that controls the spas functions.

Control Box
Basically the brain of the spa. Power is distributed to all functions of the spa, pumps, ozonator, heater, fiber optics, etc. Also called a Spa Pack.

The fitting located inside the cabinet that drains water from the spa.

The filter cleans the spa and removes particles and debris and protects the equipment from foreign substances.

G.F.C.I. Breaker
The electronic switch installed in the power box of your house to give power to the spa. This is a non-user serviceable part.

Gate Valves
T-handled valves located at the inlets and outlets of the equipment. The gate valve blocks or opens the water line by the equipment.

The thermostatically controlled heater raises the temperature of the water to the desired degree. This is located under the control box in the equipment area.

Hose Bib
Used in the draining of the spa, fits a standard garden hose.

The fittings on your spa that direct the flow of water for massaging action.

A water purification supplement method using Ozone Gas. Ozone gas, made by an Ozone Generator unit, can reduce your sanitizer needs by up to 25%.

Corona Discharge
The Corona Discharge Ozonator reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep water clean and crystal clear.

Ozone, a pH-neutral oxygen compound, is created when a molecule of oxygen passes between a high voltage electrode and a stainless steel grounded electrode. creating an “energy field of electrons” This field instantly converts oxygen molecules into ozone, which is dispersed throughout the water destroying algae and bacteria. With less contamination in the water, less chemicals are required to keep the water clean. This saves you both time and money.

The Corona Discharge ozone generator also saves energy, compared to the standard ultraviolet ozone generator. Corona Discharge technology produces twice the concentration of ozone while consuming less than one-tenth the electricity.

Stands for “Potential for Hydrogen” This is the term used to describe the acid (low pH) or Alkalinity (high pH) condition of the water. The ideal pH for spa water is 7.5

Skimmer/Filter Housing
This is the square opening with the floating gate at the water level. The skimmer removes surface debris to the filter. The water level in the spa should be kept at 2” above the skimmer for optimum operation.

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