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Dealing With Nosy Neighbors

A person who lives nearby your home and always interferes in your private life is known as nosy neighbors. Survey shows that nearly two-thirds public experiences problems of Nosy Neighbors. Nosy neighbor keep watch on home when you go for holiday. They can give you full information about new area, street or potential homebuyers. They may do your some work but when they cross their limit they become irritating and you want to get rid of them.

About Noisy Neighbors

A neighbor which makes lot of noise at any time and disturbs your peace and relation time is called as noisy neighbors. Noisy neighbors make noise by various ways such as keeping volume of TV high at night time, high sound during late night parties, their baby crying, barking of dog loudly at any time. When neighbors are disturbing at first time then just ignore it to maintain good relation. Noisy neighbors are not only person but sometimes nightclubs, metal factories or airports which are responsible for giving sound in nearby area.

Two Types of Noisy Sound

  1. Private Nuisance - It affects only you or some other few neighbors. For private nuisance tell them politely.
  2. Public Nuisance - It affect to large area or more people. You can file complaint as large area or people are suffering from this problem.

Points to Get Rid of Noisy Neighbors

  • Tell your noisy neighbors politely that sound they are making is disturbing you and your family members in such way that you are unable to sleep properly.
  • If you can spend extra money then make your house soundproofed. It will require high cost but solve your problem without any argument or discussion with neighbors.
  • When you behave neatly by maintaining sound low at party time, keeping TV volume low for maintaining neighbor's peace your neighbors also behave like this and maintain your peace.
  • Spend letter to noisy neighbors which includes sign of many people to stop their noise and if it doesn’t happen then you are going to the police.
  • Charge complaint against noisy neighbors when all the ways to stop their noise finished. Do it as last step to get rid of noisy neighbors.

Characteristics of Nosy Neighbors

  • Nosy neighbors interfere in your personal life for no reason.
  • Nosy neighbors keep watch even on your single move.
  • They may feel jealous so always keep attention on your new things.
  • Many times nosy neighbors don’t have any work do so they watch you from window just for time pass.
  • Nosy neighbors also tell your personal things to other peoples and make it public.

Techniques Used for Avoiding Nosy Neighbors

  1. Avoid them completely. Don’t listen what they are saying, don’t follow their suggestion and opinion and there is no wrong thing doing like this.
  2. If interaction of nosy neighbors in your personal life is so high that you can not getting space and if after several warning they are repeating same things then call police.
  3. If you are working in garden and your nosy neighbor watching you ask them politely may I help you? So that they feel that they are doing wrong thing by watching like this.

Can We Stay Away from Nosy Neighbors

  1. Place private cameras so that you came to know that who is entering your garden and seeing inside from window.
  2. Entering others house without his permission is opposite to low. So you can tell your nosy neighbor directly that you don’t like interfere in your personal life.
  3. Build fence or plant trees around your house so that your nosy neighbors can not see inside.
  4. Place dark curtains, window blinds or tinted pane glass is helpful in preventing nosy neighbors.

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